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I offer several different programs, both keynotes and training sessions, focused on time management and getting organized (plus one on public speaking skills). Read the descriptions below to help you narrow down which topics would seem to fit your needs best, then give me a call at (508) 292-6706 so we can figure out which topic and presentation type will suit you best!

Speaking Topics Available

STOP Wasting Your Precious Time!


Easy Strategies for Eliminating your Biggest Time Wasters at Work

Time is money!  And yet, most people waste hours every day on low-priority, insignificant tasks that could be done more efficiently or not at all!  Attendees will learn how to eliminate the activities that waste the most time each day, improve their productivity, and save more time to focus on your company's top priorities.

Effective Time Management: The Power of Focus


 Learn how to manage your time, reduce your stress, and find more time for the things you really want to do. Includes tips for reducing the time-wasters in your life and dealing with your most common time management problems. 

Overcome Procrastination - Yes, NOW!


Procrastination is a huge problem for many people, and can eat away at both your productivity and your self-esteem. But there is hope! This program helps participants understand the most common causes of procrastination, and provides practical strategies for overcoming them and becoming more productive.

Organize Your Office for Maximum Efficiency


A fun and practical approach to reducing the clutter, creating an effective work area, and re-designing your office space to work for you. This session can be customized with photos of your messiest (and most organized) office spaces, which we will critique and improve live! You will leave this session with lots of organizing tips and a step-by-step plan for getting your workplace or home office better organized. 

Let it Go! Lose the Clutter and Find More Space for You


Why do we hang on to things from our past? What purpose does clutter serve in our lives? Is it really possible to change our habits and personal styles? This program examines some of the psychological issues behind our disorganized lives to help participants better understand their own patterns and challenges and those of others they live or work with.

Improving your Public Speaking Skills


 Whether you are nervous about speaking in public or just want to get better at it, this session will help participants learn tools for identifying your speaking styles, strengths and challenges. We will cover understanding your audience, structuring your presentation, getting the audience engaged, and tailoring your style, language, body language and more to each audience you speak to. Live practice and constructive feedback may also be included. 

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