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Follow-Up Checklist


Want all the next-step actions together in one place? Click below to get the list of all the Next Step actions from the end of each chapter.  Together in one place, you can print it out to make it easier to keep in front of you every day.

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Answers to your FAQs


 Q: Do these strategies only work at work?

A: We’re all so busy these days, and can use these strategies at home, at work, or anywhere! Several readers have mentioned that they are retired or not working presently, but that the strategies in this book have been very helpful in managing their personal life as well. There is also a chapter specifically about working from home. Most of the examples in the book are about work situations, but it’s pretty easy to extrapolate to your personal life.

Q: I don’t have a Kindle. Is the book available in other formats?

A: Right now only the Kindle version is available, but a paperback version is coming out in April. In the meantime, you don’t need a Kindle reader to read the e-book – Amazon offers a free Kindle app for your computer, tablet or phone, where you can download the book and read on whichever screen you want. 

Other Recommended Books


Here are some of the books that have inspired and educated me.  You can order them all here through my Amazon affiliate link.

Recommended books

Recommended Organizations


Looking for additional help?  

  • National Association of Productivity and Professional Organizing (NAPO) - http://www.napo.net.  Search for professional organizers and other productivity professionals in your area who can help you get rid of your clutter and organize your life.
  • Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) - www.challengingdisorganization.org. Specialists in chronic disorganization, the organizers who are part of ICD have specialized training in helping people with additional challenges learn how to get organized.

Recommended Planners


  • Day Timer – There are lots of options, but I love their 2 page per day format, available in different sizes. I love the pocket size (3.5” x 6.5”), but the larger, notebook size is also great if you tend to stay at your desk more than I do (it’s a little bulkier and heavier to carry but has a lot more room for taking notes). With any of their sizes, you use one book/month. I like starting fresh with a clean two pages to look at every day.
  • Full Focus Planner©, 2017Michael Hyatt & Company – undated quarterly planner with sections for weekly reviews and goal-setting, daily planning, scheduling and note-taking, and a “Weekend Optimizer” to help make sure you include time for relationships, reflection, recreation, refreshment and rejuvenation! Available at www.fullfocusplanner.com.  This planner is great in that it is set up to encourage you to think in terms of one week’s worth of goals at a time, and to prioritize your Top 3 tasks daily.
  • Taylor Planner – produced for years by Harold Taylor’s company, TaylorInTime. This has been my favorite planner for the past 5 years – an annual book set up in a weekly format with dedicated spaces for daily priorities, and action items. Critical features include:· Calendars printed from 7 am to 10 pm (for a longer day than most), · Full day listings for all seven days of the week (instead of Sat/Sun combos as on most planners), and · A handy size (6.25 x 9.5”) that’s easy to carry and not too heavy. Unfortunately, they stopped publishing it this year, and I’m so sad, but you can still download free, undated planner templates you can use on their website under “Resources”: https://www.taylorintime.com/free-printable-planner-templates/, although these are 8.5” x 11” in size. A similar book (if you want a full printed book with dates) is the “Minister” planner from QuoVadis (available at www.ClassicOfficeProducts.com) – which is not quite as good, but has many similar features.   

Other Checklists & Templates


Click below to find additional worksheets, checklists and templates to help you implement the activities in the book:

  • Procrastination Fight-Back Worksheet
  • Group Cleanout Day Planning Checklist
  • Sample Meeting Agendas

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