28-Day Productivity Programs

Want to Manage your Time Better?


My "28 Days to Time Management Success" program will bring you daily time management tips to help you manage your daily schedule and produce more effective results, all with less stress than ever before!

You will learn: 

  • How to reduce distractions & interruptions
  • How to set goals that work
  • How to prioritize what’s truly important
  • How to avoid over-commitment
  • How to be on time consistently
  • Effective scheduling so you can get more done!

Program includes 28 days of daily emails, including 5 short videos, weekly "Catch Up" days, and one BONUS success action/day every day (for all you high-achievers out there).


Just $99

Overwhelmed by Paper?


"28 Days to Putting Paper in Its Place" provides daily paper management tips and step by step guidance to help you get your paper piles reduced, and your information organized in just 20 minutes a day!

You will learn:

  • How to reduce your junk mail 
  • Which papers to keep & which to toss  
  • How to manage your financial and healthcare paperwork
  • How to set up a file system you'll actually use, 

and much, much more!

Program includes 28 days of daily emails, including 5 short videos, weekly "Catch Up" days, and one BONUS success action/day (for all you high-achievers out there).

Just $99

Buy One/Get One at 1/2 Off


The Combined package

Double the impact by purchasing both programs to help you TAKE CONTROL over your busy schedule and your overflowing paper piles!

Buy both programs at once for a discount of 50% on the second.  The two programs will run consecutively, starting with Time Management Success.  




How does it work?

Once you sign up, you will start receiving a single-page email every day for 28 days, starting with an introductory video to help you make the most of the program.  Each email will focus on one area of productivity - overcoming procrastination, setting effective goals, managing your paperwork flow, etc.  You will receive one, specific recommendation for a task that should take you less than 20 minutes, PLUS one bonus tip if you finish early and want to tackle more. 

The goal is to make it simple so you don't get overwhelmed, and to make it fun, so you actually WANT to work on being more productive each day!

Do I have to read the tip or watch the video on the day it comes out?

No - it's completely up to you!  You can keep the daily tips in your email folder (I recommend making a separate folder just for these tips), or download them to your hard drive, and watch or read them whenever you want.  The links will continue to work.  Some buyers have printed the pages out and kept them in a binder or folder, but that kind of defeats the purpose of reducing your paperwork burden!  You have my permission to keep the information in whatever way you want (for your private use only).

What if I fall behind?

No problem!  Just save your daily emails and read them when you're ready.  You can get jump back in to reading whenever you want and catch up later to the ones you missed.  Plus, I have included a Catch-Up Day once/week to give you a breather and help you consolidate all your weekly learnings.